Prenuptial and Post Nuptial Agreements

You may have seen increasing coverage in the press on “Pre-Nups” or Pre Nuptial Agreements.

In fact people have made these agreements for some time, but lately Judges in England and Wales have increasingly upheld pre-nups in the event of a later dispute over financial issues on divorce. That is provided certain criteria are met and the document is properly drawn up, well in advance of the wedding day. We can help you ensure the formalities are observed so that your agreement has the best chance of standing up in court.

Pre-nups are especially helpful for:-

  • Second marriages
  • Protecting your children from earlier relationships
  • When marrying later in life
  • Dealing with inheritances
  • Protecting your pre-acquired assets

If you have already married and wish you had considered this, don’t panic! You can get a Post Nuptial Agreement drawn up and indeed it is good practice to do so in many circumstances. Perhaps you stand to inherit and it reassures your parent to know you are protecting yourself?

Come and see us at a fixed fee interview to discuss taking these issues further.

We know it is not romantic to think about splitting up. It is, however, a sensible way though to think through financial issues and hopefully make sure they do not ruin the marriage later on. If the worst were to happen then at least you have done everything possible to ensure you and your spouse do not spend thousands arguing about your assets through the courts.