Mediation for Divorcing Couples

Mediation is a new buzzword and may be of interest to you.

Mediation can be useful for divorcing couples but is not compulsory. Mediation is not marriage guidance, it is about helping couple discuss calmly and reasonably how they organise their separate futures.

Mediating about your children

Some of our clients have found mediation can particularly help them think through sensible arrangements for their children. However painful their split is, parents need to find a way to behave with each other that provides a healthy relationship with their children and avoids unnecessary distress.

We have good relationships with local Mediators and can refer you to the most relevant and cost effective service for your situation.

Mediating about your finances

In our experience it is especially important that couples in financial mediation have their own lawyer review the proposed agreement. A mediator will need full disclosure of the financial situation in any event and we can help you through that process.

It is very important that your financial interests are protected and we can help ensure any agreement reached is then converted into a legally binding document.

Contacting us means you want help. We are here to work with you through negotiations, mediation or perhaps to advise just in the background while you have your own discussions.

Our work with you will always bear in mind it is your life and your decisions. The manner in which your solicitor handles things can have a big influence on how amicable you can then be with each other.