Children Custody Legal Advice

If you have children you will want to ensure they experience as little hurt as possible. We firmly believe children can emerge safely through separation and/or divorce if it is handled sensitively. Research shows it is ongoing parental conflict which damages children, not the simple fact they are in a single parent household.

Contact us for help on the following issues:

  • With whom will the children reside?
  • How will contact work?
  • What about shared residence?
  • What is Parental Responsibility?
  • How much child maintenance should be paid?
  • Can we avoid the CSA and do it ourselves?

Our advice on any issue will always consider the impact on your child(ren).

We aim to minimise conflict and to encourage you and your partner to still parent as a team, although living apart.

We recognise that can sometimes be hard to achieve. Where necessary we can step in and protect the relationship with your children by making an application to the court, urgently if necessary.

If you have any immediate concerns about a child’s welfare or social services are, or have been, involved it is important you tell us straight away.

Our information Pack contains further details on issues around children.