Divorce and Family Law Legal Advice

We understand divorce can be a traumatic time. Deborah’s aim as a Resolution member is to help you resolve legal issues as practically and amicably as possible.

You may need advice if you:

  • Have not yet separated but things are difficult.
  • Just want “what if advice”
  • You or your spouse are considering leaving the home
  • Have separated but are still in the same house

You are welcome to have an initial meeting at which we will not push you into a divorce, if that is not yet your decision.

If, however:

  • You are certain the marriage is over
  • Your spouse has started divorce proceedings

We will prepare divorce papers with you and lead you through the process with confidence. It is vital to remember that whilst you are still married, you are each other’s next of kin.

All new clients receive a guide to divorce procedure in their information pack when they come for their first meeting.

If you are already divorced you should still consider:

  • A decree of divorce itself does not prevent your ex from making future financial claims against you.
  • To protect yourself and your assets you need to make sure you have a legally binding financial order, preferably by consent or if necessary by the court. See our page on financial implications.