Living Together & Prenuptial Agreements

Preventing problems

In modern society it is not unusual for people to have two or more long-term relationships or marriages in their lifetime.

Hatton Law can advise you on living together and pre-nuptial agreements.These can help set out your understanding with your partner from the start, and prevent expensive and heartbreaking problems later on.

It can be difficult to contemplate separation at the start of living together. We realise it is not romantic or easy to talk about!

Consider contacting us if you are:

  • Moving in with a new partner
  • Buying a house together but not getting married
  • Helping your adult child buy a home
  • Moving in your elderly parents

We can help you protect yourself and your family by setting out your legal position regarding any house and assets.

If you have children from an earlier relationship make sure you have considered what would happen to them if you separate. Would you be able to stay in that house or would you have to move again?

Remember there is no such thing as a common law wife or husband. It is a myth. Although the law is starting to change, rightly or wrongly people are not in the same position regarding finances upon separating than they would be if they were married.