Family Law Practice For Financial Settlement

Our experience tells us that many people understandably worry about the financial implications when they separate. There is a lot to be sorted out, especially if you have children or have been living together for a reasonably long time.

Deborah advises on:

  • Housing needs
  • Pension sharing orders
  • Maintenance, including interim orders to help now
  • Providing for children
  • Valuing businesses or other complicated assets
  • Dealing with special contributions or inheritances.

Our aim is to provide you with appropriate advice which enables you to secure the right solution for you and your family.

Deborah’s particular interest in financial matters means she has extensive experience in thinking through what might be a practical way forward at a time when your own thoughts may be unclear due to upset and shock.

Any decisions on what sums to settle for are of course ultimately yours.

You should be aware there are many myths about finances in family law. Obtain expert advice from us, rather than leaving well meaning colleagues or friends to scare you with their horror stories!

If agreement cannot be reached, Deborah is known for her thorough and determined approach to court proceedings. She will conduct a forensic examination of your spouse’s finances before asking the Court to intervene where necessary.

The principles of the procedure and how financial information needs to be disclosed, are contained in the information pack.