First Appointment

Fixed Fee Meeting – £210 including VAT

We understand coming to see a solicitor can feel as welcome as a trip to the dentist!

You may just want to get some initial advice on a “what if” basis or “where do I stand?” You may worry about committing to a long expensive process you do not actually need.

At Hatton Law we offer a Fixed Fee service which includes a detailed appointment lasting up to an hour. We can make sure they are scheduled for early or later to fit in around work.  This can be in person or by telephone, whichever suits you.

Once your appointment is booked we will send you a short Questionnaire to fill out and return to us.  This saves you time and money by enabling us to get straight to the point on the day. It also helps prompt you to be organised and make the most of your appointment, especially on money or property issues.

At the end of the appointment we provide, where appropriate, plain speaking leaflets to remind you of key points. We also follow up with a letter confirming our advice and then it is up to you to decide what to do next. This is an excellent way for you to get started without feeling obliged to commit to expensive legal fees.